April 2014 Newsletter - Eye Level of Morrisville

April 14th, 2014

Dear Eye Level Parents,


Wishing you all a Happy Spring Break!!! & a soon to come, Happy Good Friday too!!!

Here is our next tip from our Eye Level manual.

TIP of the Month: Visualize the Problem! Visualizing the problem ensures that test takers do not get bogged down by possible distractors or additional, nonessential information. This tactic is especially useful for math problems.

    1. Center Administrator: Scherria’s tenure was short lived. Unfortunately, some things do not work out. In the interim we have Hiral Gandhi helping us out with Tamara’s class. She has done her Master’s in Education from George Mason University, Fairfax VA. She has great experience and has been a Lead teacher at “The Grove School of Cary” and also at the “World Bank Children’s Center” in Washington D.C. Please welcome her.                                                
    2. New Teacher: We are still interviewing candidates for Teachers and an Administrator but want to take our time to have the right fit candidate for our center.
    3. Schedule Change or Make up Classes – Please be mindful of schedule changes. We cannot be having more than 5-6 kids in any given class and unannounced changes can be disruptive to the teacher’s planning. Please do send an email for any changes.
    4. Summer Camp- Eye Level will be having a summer camp during the months of June, July and August. Information will soon be available in the center as well as posted on the website. Please keep a look out for the same!
    5. Eyelevel-Library- Please encourage kids to pick up and read books while they are waiting for their classes. If there is a specific interest in books by certain authors, please let me know and I will try to find them for you. If you need to check out a book, please sign your name in the sign up book along with the book title or come see us and we will do it for you.
    6. Communication: Please do keep the communication lines open with the Teacher and us regarding the child’s progress. This will help us make changes if needed and also keep the child’s interest and motivation up.
    7. Referrals & Referral Checks: Please refer your friends to Eyelevel and be our ambassadors. Again, a big Thank You for all your referrals.
    8. Fee Due Date: Monthly Dues are always due on the 1st of every month and late by the 5th. Please pay on time. Many of you have scheduled your payments through your Banks Bill Pay option. Thank you for reducing our administrative work. If you are one of those on the fence, here is the address to do the same and automate it now,


Payee: Surge Forward Technologies, LLC

Address: 6974 Brandi Wood Cir, Summerfield, NC - 27358

(Select Individual Pay and you will not be mandated to enter an account number)