June 2014 Newsletter - Eyelevel of Morrisville

June 3rd, 2014

Dear Eye Level Parents,


It is the EOG month! Wishing the best for all kids who are taking EOG’s!

Going forward, I am going to keep these emails short to help you guys skim through the email on any of your portable devices.


  1. Teachers: We completed a long search and have settled on Jamie Morgan who joined us last week. She is a graduate from UNC Chapel Hill, with a B.A. in English and Sociology. She has great experience in teaching, very talented and an excellent background in education but above all a great attitude. We are excited and fortunate to have her among us. Please stop by and say hello to her.
  2. Chelsea: Chelsea is taking a summer class and hence will have limited hours with us during June and July. She will miss some classes on Wednesdays/Thursdays but available on Friday’s and Saturday’s. We will actively manage her classes during her short absence.
  3. Center Administrator: Ramya is doing an excellent job in managing the center activities. Please help her by following all the processes and do communicate with her on all your needs.
  4. Training: All our staff is undergoing a teacher training program this week from our Franchisor for the best effective ways to deliver our content to our students.
  5. Testimonials: We are updating our website and would like to know what our Eyelevel parents think about our program. Can you please send us a few lines about your experience at Eyelevel! We are highly appreciative of your patronage.
  6. Summer Activities: For those of you who have enrolled in the summer activities, Ramya will be administering and monitoring these programs closely. Please help her by making sure the assignments are collected by the kids and also making sure they are completed on time.
  7. Stars: Encourage your kids with the “Reach for the Stars” program!
  8. Schedule Change/ Make up Classes – We cannot stress enough on the importance of communication with the schedule changes and makeup classes. Please keep Ramya updated.
  9. Referrals/Fees Due: Please refer your friends to Eyelevel and be our ambassadors. Again, a big Thank You for all your referrals. Monthly Dues are always due on the 1st of every month and late by the 5th. Please pay on time.