August 2014 Newsletter - Eye Level of Morrisville

Aug 5th, 2014

Dear Eye Level Parents,


Hoping everyone is having fun with the last few weeks of Summer Holidays!!

Here is our brief update for Aug. 2014.


  1. Vacation Time: We understand it is the summer holidays and many parents have activities lined up for their kids, are on vacation or busy with their last minute vacation plans. Please do make sure that you inform Ramya of your plans for the summer vacation if the kids will be absent. This will make it smoother for us to plan for the absences and catch up when the kids are back.
  2. Parent Conferences: We would like to hear more from you. Ramya/Hiral will be setting up some meetings to follow up on the progress of the child and get your feedback. This will be a personalized goal plan to set the path for kids who need special attention.
  3. Parent Communication Forms: Please use the forms liberally. Our top priority is to improve the service. Please feel free to use them to comment, compliment, or complain. The form is attached to this email and can be requested from Ramya too.
  4. Cubby Space for kids: The cubbies are in place now. This is the place where kids drop their homework for the day and pick up their days work. Ramya/Hiral and the teachers have done a great job in implementing the process and the kids are doing just wonderful!!
  5. Teacher Training and Substitution: Summer is unfortunately a transition period for many teachers. We have been trying to avoid the pain of a transition by having more capacity than we need and this has definitely helped to avoid disruptions.  Jamie will be transitioning soon due to an out of state opportunity. We will do our best in getting the right fit teachers and keeping up with the training of substitute teachers. If you do know of any outstanding teachers, please let us know and you may qualify for a referral bonus.
  6. Summer Activities & Stars: The special summer activities and stars program are coming to an end. Please continue to encourage your kids and let us see who claims the title for the exciting prizes.
  7. Referrals/Fees Due: Please refer your friends to Eyelevel and be our ambassadors. Again, a big Thank You for all your referrals. Thank you to all our ACH payees. You have helped us reduce a lot of administrative work. Monthly Dues are always due on the 1st of every month and late by the 5th. Please pay on time.