November 2014 Newsletter - Eyelevel of Morrisville

Nov. 3rd, 2014

Dear Eye Level Parents,


Greetings from the Eye Level Team!!

Wishing you a belated “Happy Diwali ” and Happy Halloween!!

With all the holidays in the past month and the upcoming ones on the horizon, I hope the kids have been having a blast, but let us not lose our focus on the learning part which we want to ensure and with that our monthly report…

Here is our brief update for November. 2014.


  1. Math Olympiad: We may still have a little time for the 2014 Math Olympiad registration as some of you could not register successfully on Saturday. You may not be able to register online but you can send me your kids name and I can get them registered if you do it by 4 PM today.

The one-day competition will be held on Nov. 8 (this Saturday), and students from around the world will put their math skills to the test for a chance to win more than $500 in prizes. The fee to join is $20.00 for Eye Level students and you can pay it at the center during your next visit. 

Our participation center (listed below) this time will be in Charlotte & not Greensboro like last year.

Holiday Inn Charlotte Airport

Earhart Grand Ballroom (located on Lobby Level)

2707 Little Rock Road, Charlotte, NC 28214. 


  1. Center Admin: Ms. Kelly has been quick on the learning curve and doing a great job helping our students. Please continue your support to her and let her know of anything you need. Please do make sure that you communicate all your schedule or makeup changes through her so that she can manage these changes efficient. 
  2. New Challenge, “Climb to New Heights”: This is a new challenge for all our Eye Level kids which is sponsored by our Corporate office to keep the kids motivated during the holiday season. Stickers will be provided for kids who attend classes regularly through December and we have some generous prizes being offered. For more information, Please enquire with Kelly/Hiral and enroll your child. 
  3. Teacher Updates: Ms. Brianne and Ms. Marissa have been doing a great job of looking at each one of our kid’s progress and referring them to a special teacher that we have in SriVidya for additional help or tasks to fill in the gaps and get our kids to speed. This will be an ongoing task that we plan to keep up with to ensure we provide all the help required by our students. 
  4. Upcoming Center Holidays in October & November:
    1. Thanksgiving: 27th 28th 
  5.  Feedback: Please continue to give your feedback to help us make the program better. We appreciate it very much. 
  6. Referrals/Fees Due: Please refer your friends to Eyelevel and be our ambassadors. Again, a big Thank You for all your referrals. Thank you to all our ACH payees. You have helped us reduce a lot of administrative work. Monthly Dues are always due on the 1st of every month and late by the 5th. Please pay on time. 
  7. Please direct all communication to or call 919-342-6761.