OCT 2015 Newsletter - Eyelevel of Morrisville

Oct 16th, 2015

Dear Eye Level Parents,


Greetings from the Eye Level Team!!

Hope you are all doing fine!

Here is our update for October 2015.


    1. Center Hours: We are now open 6 days a week!!! The week day hours are 4:30 to 7:30 & Saturday 10:00 – 12:00 & 12:30 – 2:30 PM.  


  1. Sick Students Policy: Cold and flu season is up on us! If your child is sick or you suspect an illness, please refrain from getting your child to the Eye Level classes. Extra booklets can be provided or make up classes can be scheduled but safety of all kids is important and we appreciate your understanding and cooperation in this matter. Kiersten has been distributing the guidelines slip. Please follow these guidelines in case of sickness.
  2. Center Holidays & Inclement Weather: Our center will remain closed on all National Holidays and in case of Inclement Weather when schools are cancelled in our area. Additional booklets can be collected by parents for these missed sessions. Please talk to the Center Manager if you have any special needs or requests.
  3. Cancellation Policy: Please make sure that you fill in a program Vacation/Cancellation form in case you need to go on a long vacation or discontinue the program. This will ensure that Automatic drafts are discontinued and the proper books are updated. Please note that we need a 30 day notice to cancel the program and the notice needs to be given one month prior to the next billing date which is always the first of every month.
  4. Math Olympiad: The 2015 Math Olympiad conducted and sponsored by Eye Level will be held on November 14th. This is a national level contest and everyone is encouraged to participate. Please see the details below for registration. We have worked hard to have a testing center in Burlington as opposed to driving all the way to Charlotte. Please avail of this opportunity and register your kids as early as possible. There is a max capacity of 60 between Greensboro and Raleigh Centers that we can accommodate here and it is on a first come first serve basis. Also a full participation will ensure that we keep this location as a viable testing center for future competitions.

Details for Registration are as follows:

Please see, we are offering a 50% refund on registration fee for the first 10 registrations with proof of registration. Please talk to the Center Manager for details.


November 14, 2015 (Saturday)

Time &

Testing Location



Venue and Address

Test Time



Ramada Burlington Hotel & Conference Center

2703 Ramada Rd., I-85, Burlington, NC 27215


Registration and Fee

  • Only online registration is available at www.myeyelevel.com
  • Registration period is September 1 through October 31,2015
  • Registration fee. $20 for Eye Level Members and $30 for non-Members
  • The registration fee can be paid only online during the registration time frame. The registration process cannot be completed without the payment made to the www.myeyelevel.com web page.

Test Age Range

Grade 2 through Grade 9



  1. Schedule Changes/Makeup classes: It is always important to make the Administrators know of any changes in absences or schedule. Please note that we do not have any capacity to accommodate makeup classes for walk ins. Please do make an appointment if you wish to come in for a makeup class or reschedule classes. 
  2. Referrals/Fees Due: Please refer your friends to Eyelevel and be our ambassadors. Again, a big Thank You for all your referrals. Thank you to all our ACH payees. You have helped us reduce a lot of administrative work. Monthly Dues are always due on the 1st of every month and late by the 5th. Please pay on time.
  3. Please direct all communication to Morrisville@myeyelevel.com or call 919-342-6761 and in case you are not able to reach anyone through the normal channels, please call 336-455-1071.





Eye Level of Morrisville,