Newsletter - Eyelevel of Morrisville SEP 2017

Sep. 11th, 2017

Dear Eye Level Parents,

Good Afternoon to all our Eye Level Parents. Hope all are doing well and enjoyed the Labor Day weekend with some much needed R&R!

Here is our monthly update for September 2017!




  1. Math Olympiad: Please do not wait till the last minute to register for the Math Olympiad if you are interested. This is a great opportunity for the students to know their placing at the National level. You can register TODAY at We will have practice tests at the center for all students who enroll for this test in October!  
  2. Summer Reading Competition: Entries for the 2017 Summer Reading Competition are NOW DUE! Please submit your entries as soon as possible. The MYSTERY PRIZE winner will be revealed soon!.
  3. Student Drop Off: ALL students must be accompanied to and from the center by a parent or guardian. Please do not allow your child(ren) to enter and exit the center alone. The center is located directly in front of a busy parking lot, and we want to ensure the safety of our students at all times. Thank you very kindly for your understanding and cooperation in this matter. 


  1. Fee Payments & Payment Due Dates: Thanks to all our Eye Level families who are on the Auto pay system. We have most payments on time now. Please do make sure that adequate funds are available before the 1st of every month. There is a penalty of $25 charged by the bank for every returned payment or check and a $10 fee for late fees. This will be added to the monthly dues in case of returned checks/payment. Fees are due by the 5th of every month if you are not on Autopay. 
  2. Billing Reminder: Please be advised that our registered company name is “Surge Forward Technologies LLC” and the business name is Eyelevel of Morrisville. The monthly fee withdrawal statement will have either of these titles. Please make sure that you advise your banks that this is an authorized entity to withdraw the monthly fee payment dues from your bank.

Please direct all communication to or call 919-342-6761 and in case you are not able to reach anyone through the normal channels, please call 336-455-1071 or






Eye Level of Morrisville,